Precision Power Clutch

+ 80% Pull In Reduction, 94% Hold In Reduction
+ Wide friction zone. No sudden ON/OFF grabbing.
+ Engagement closer to grip-not at your fingertips.
+ Any bike with hydraulic clutch, OE or aftermarket.
+ Fits on engine guard or behind passenger bracket.
+ Easy bolt-on: no drilling, no modifications to clutch.

+ No changes to clutch slave or master cylinders.
+ Aircraft grade CNC billet aluminum and stainless.
+ All necessary parts and instructions included.
+ Designed to industrial standards by an American BSME
+ Black or Chrome quality like it belongs there.
+ Fast response customer service


Jose in Puerto Rico wrote: “My wife and I have been riding together for a long time. Recently she traded up to a trike, but found the clutch lever was too difficult. I bought an MEC-400 and she is delighted with it. Not only is the engagement point much closer to the grip where the MECD-400 power clutch provides precise control, but the effort is so much less, she says “It is like nothing is there”. During his one week vacation, the Feather Lever’s inventor, John Mickowski, even took time out to stop by and assist with the installation!”

“The MEC-400 Feather Lever installed on my Ultra Limited makes riding a pleasure instead of difficult and painful. The claims made are all true! The design and engineering are totally professional and it looks like it belongs there. It’s not only effortless, the engagement point closer to the grip and wide friction zone makes it easier to control and safer at low speeds.” Larry Burse


Feather Lever

Hydraulic Clutch Kit

A precision engineered device that greatly reduces the force needed to pull your hydraulic clutch lever on ANY bike, including Harley Davidson.

The Feather Lever is a Precision Power Clutch. Like power steering and power brakes, now the rider can have the advantages of a Power Clutch: Engagement point closer to the grip where precise control is much better than at the finger tips, a wide friction zone for low speed maneuvering, and greatly reduced effort to prevent cramps and simply increase the enjoyment of motorcycling.

It is designed for use on bike with a hydraulic clutch, either original or converted. The clutch release lever on these bikes takes typically twenty-five pounds of force to pull in with engagement at the fingertips, with virtually no friction zone. It’s either on or off. Cable actuated clutches for these big twins have the same issues and require the same or more force to pull in, even when brand new. The MEC-300 and 400 products make it much easier to pull in the clutch reducing the amount of force by 80% or more. This is perfect for those riders who have medical conditions like arthritis, carpal tunnel, or nerve damage that cause you to have a weak grip, or those who simply want precise control of the engagement point and a wide friction zone.

Engineered and Made in the USA 🇺🇸

Watch an overview video about how the Feather Lever Hydraulic Clutch Kit works.

Click the play button to learn more about the Feather Lever from its inventor John R Mickowski.  


More than twice the force reduction as alternative HD hydraulic clutch kits.

To learn more about the inventor of the Feather Lever HD hydraulic clutch kit, visit our about page by clicking the button below.

ABOUT Feather Lever
Harley Hydraulic Clutch Lever Assist

Benefits of the Feather Lever

Hydraulic Clutch Kit

  • Force Reduction

    More than twice the force reduction of alternative products.

  • CNC Machined

    All components are CNC machined for the tightest quality control and reliability. 

  • No Drilling

    No drilling to any part of the bike or modifications to the clutch.

  • Easy Installation

    Easy to bolt on yourself. No engine, clutch or primary chain modifications.

  • No Electronics

    There are no electronics needed or that have to be altered to install and use. 

  • Reliable

    The Feather Lever has been tested and proven reliable under all road conditions: Hot, cold, heavy rain, and stop and go traffic.  Even used by motorcycle police