Feather Lever *

Light as a Feather Clutch Control

WARWICK, N.Y. — Developed by a veteran mechanical engineer rider to dramatically reduce clutch lever effort by 85-90% and precise control, the Feather Lever is a bolt-on hydraulic pressure amplifier to make riding fun for people of all ages and genders, even on big twin Harley tourers.  Made in the USA.

It requires no electronics, no modification to the bike’s master cylinder or actuating cylinder, and no modification to the clutch basket.  The MEC (Minimum Effort Clutch)-300 mounts on the engine guard, and the -400 mounts under the passenger footpeg/footboard with all required hardware and mounting brackets included.  No special tools are required.  Installation takes only 1-1/2 to 2 hours.

Precise measurements of many years and models in Harley Davidson’s tourer line had shown consistently that measured with an accurate scale at where the index finger contacts the lever, 25 pounds were required to pull in the lever.  Over the course of two years of product refinement, the final production unit resulted in a reducing the force to pull the lever in by 80% to 5 pounds.  Even more dramatically, the force to hold the lever in was only 1.5 pounds, a huge benefit in traffic.

Another advantage is that the engagement point is much closer to the grip.  The inventor’s small hands now have better control and the Feather Lever’s wider friction zone gives precise control when starting off in first gear, and safer especially when having to make a sharp turn from a stop.  No more sudden on/off clutch grabbing.

The first application was on the inventor’s 2016 Road Glide.  An endurance test was next on a 3,000 mile trek to Cape Breton, Canada during all kinds of weather and road conditions, including 90 minutes of stop and go traffic in Bar Harbor without any issues.  That resulted in John releasing the MEC to production.   Now he can go on those long distance rides and stop and go traffic without painful hands and cramps that used to force him off the road to recover!

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Tymac Controls Corp., PO Box 304, Glenwood, New Jersey 07418

John Mickowski  BSME BEng MSEE  973-459-9417


*  Feather Lever is a registered Trademark  Patent Pending