January 15, 2021


by Missy from Hampton, VA Retired Naval Officer

“I recently bought a beautiful 2019 Harley Freewheeler trike. Unfortunately, in a short time, I found the strain of gripping the clutch way too hard to make riding fun. I am amazed how easy it is now with the Feather Lever power clutch. Instead of 20-25 pounds pull, I can hold the lever in with a finger at just 1-1/2 pounds!

I had asked a biker friend to help me find a solution. He is also a skilled mechanic, and I trusted his advice. He researched the alternatives, and recommended the Feather Lever. I am delighted he did. I would recommend it to anyone that wants the best product out there to minimize strain, prevent cramps, have a wide friction zone closer to the grip for better control, or just wants a better riding experience.

Missy from Hampton, VA”