PRESS RELEASE January 24, 2021
Harley has gone back to cable actuated clutches for 2021 on their main line touring models.
The salesman at the local dealership told us market feedback was that there was essentially no friction zone on the hydraulic clutches.
That is a major reversal of a design decision several years ago made to reduce clutch effort as engine torque steadily increased.
THE PROBLEM:  is that the laws of physics require a certain amount of throw to release the clutch, and the springs must get heavier to prevent slipping as engine torque goes up.  In order to reduce effort at the clutch lever,  the lever has to begin releasing the clutch when it is almost all the way out, reducing the friction zone to almost nothing.  That makes starting off dangerous if the rider has to make a right turn, or is stuck in stop and go traffic, or has a vehicle in front accelerating slowly.  It’s made even worse by having engaging the clutch at the finger tips.
THE SOLUTION:  The Patented Feather Lever solves all three problems:
1.  Reduces Effort to prevent cramps and fatigue.
2.  Increases Friction Zone dramatically.
3.  Brings the engagement point much closer to the grip for better control.
Models are available for any Harley equipped with a hydraulic clutch, and for bikes like Softail models converted to hydraulic.