Revolutionizing the Ride: MEC’s Hydraulic Clutch Lever Upgrade for Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson riders, get ready to experience a revolutionary change in your rides! The latest upgrade to the MEC hydraulic clutch lever is here, and it’s set to transform the way you interact with your beloved motorcycle. This isn’t just an improvement; it’s a game-changer for enthusiasts and speed shifters alike.

Unveiling the Improvement: Faster and Easier Lever Action

The core of this upgrade lies in its remarkable efficiency. The new hydraulic clutch lever design has achieved a stunning 40% faster lever pull time. What does this mean for you, the rider? Quicker responses, smoother shifts, and an overall more agile riding experience. But that’s not all. Alongside this enhanced speed, the lever still features an 80% force reduction. This combination of speed and ease is a dream come true for those who love to ride with finesse and precision.

Rolling Out with February Shipments

Starting from February, all MEC hydraulic clutch levers shipped will feature this groundbreaking improvement. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current Harley or are in the market for a new one, this enhancement is something you won’t want to miss.

Addressing Rider Concerns: Enhanced Lever Force

We’ve listened to rider feedback about the lever force being higher than expected under certain conditions. This typically occurs when the lever is pulled in faster than the engine oil pump can supply full pressure, especially at idle with hot oil, where the pressure can drop significantly. But worry not! The solution is straightforward – simply revving the engine to around 2,000 RPM momentarily before pulling the lever does the trick.

Cold Start? No Problem!

Starting up in cold conditions has also been a concern due to the high viscosity oils specified by Harley. The new design tackles this head-on by significantly reducing back pressure from the high viscosity oil. This means that even in cold starts, once the oil heats up, you’ll notice a markedly easier and faster lever pull, thanks to the 40% lower flow rate required.

A Blessing for Speed Shifters

For those who love to push their Harley to its limits, the new clutch lever is a boon. Speed shifters will particularly appreciate the reduced effort and quicker response time, making for exhilarating and fluid gear changes.

In Conclusion: A Smoother, More Responsive Ride

In essence, this upgrade to the MEC hydraulic clutch lever for Harley Davidson motorcycles is more than just a technical enhancement. It’s about enhancing your riding experience, making it smoother, more responsive, and more enjoyable. So, gear up for a ride that’s faster, easier, and more thrilling than ever before!

This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page