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New and Improved MEC = 40% Faster Lever Pull

Feather Lever Improvements in Pull Speed

Revolutionizing the Ride: MEC’s Hydraulic Clutch Lever Upgrade for Harley Davidson Harley Davidson riders, get ready to experience a revolutionary change in your rides! The latest upgrade to the MEC hydraulic clutch lever is here, and it’s set to transform the way you interact with your beloved motorcycle. This isn’t just an improvement; it’s a […]

New Dealers and Installers Added to PA, NC & VA

Feather Lever Dealers and Installers for Hydraulic Clutch

DEALERS Jeff Roehrig RIDE LIKE A PRO PITTSBURGH LLC 412-251-7562 McKeesport PA 15135 INSTALLERS GARY GANDEE 757-633-5885 EMAIL: Carrollton, VA  23314   SALTER SPEED SHOP PHONE (910) 530-3033 EMAIL 5717 Carolina Beach Road, Wilmington, NC 28412   BATTLESHIP CYCLES 910-319-7703 8006 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28411   PERFORMANCE CYCLES 910-228-5764| […]

How Feather Lever compares to other brands

2015 Harley Davidson Ultra MEC-400 Feather Lever Installation_2

To make the comparison, let’s start with the claims made by other brands: Increased friction zone, while bringing the zone closer to the grip for easier clutch modulation.  Easier to pull clutch. Black Anodized with special coating for high durability. Uses factory hardware.  Installs behind the factory transmission end cover. Direct bolt on, no modifications needed. […]

Milwaukee 8 Freewheeler MEC-400 Installation

Milwaukee 8 Freewheeler MEC-400 Clutch Kit Installation

January 15, 2021 MEC-400 FEATHER LEVER REVIEW by Missy from Hampton, VA Retired Naval Officer “I recently bought a beautiful 2019 Harley Freewheeler trike. Unfortunately, in a short time, I found the strain of gripping the clutch way too hard to make riding fun. I am amazed how easy it is now with the Feather […]

Installation of an MEC-400 on a 2015 Harley Davidson Ultra

2015 Harley Davidson Ultra MEC-400 Feather Lever Installation_2

Here you can see photos of the installation of an MEC-400 on a 2015 Ultra ridden by Larry from Eastern Long Island, New York. Larry decided to have his bike upgraded with the Minimum Effort Clutch over the winter to make riding more enjoyable.  Like many other long term riders, the strain of pulling in the […]

Soft Tail Installation

Hydraulic Clutch Solution on Harley Davidson

February 2020 Tymac’s NEW Total Solution to clutch engagement issues. Tymac’s Unique MEC-300 Minimum Effort Clutch can be installed on any bike with a hydraulic clutch.  Many riders of Soft Tails and other bikes with cable operated clutches would like to take advantage of the Tymac Feather Lever Minimum Effort Clutch and now they can. […]