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What are the benefits of Feather Lever?

  • Greatest Reduction Of Effort 80-85%
  • Wide Friction Zone For Gradual Clutch Engagement
  • Better Control At Low Speeds
  • Especially In Stop And Go Traffic
  • Engagement Closer To Grip
  • Avoid Cramping
  • Excellent For Arthritic, Handicapped, Carpal Tunnel, Or Weak Grip
  • More Enjoyable Rides
Feather Lever Installed on Harley

What are the advantages Feather Lever has over its competitors?

  • More Than Twice The Force Reduction Of Alternatives
  • Easy Bolt-on
  • DIY With Ordinary Hand Tools
  • No Drilling Or Modifications To Clutch or Engine
  • All Components CNC Machined For Tightest Quality Control 6 Reliable
  • Complete With All Necessary Parts
  • No Disassembly Of Primary Chain Or Clutch
  • No Replacement Of Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • No Clutch Slave Cylinder Modification
  • No Electronics
Feather Lever Side View Installed

What are the main features of Feather Lever?

  • Made In The USA
  • Matches Harley Design/Appearance Concept
  • Looks Like It Belongs There
  • Beautiful Fit And Finish
  • Engineered By An American BSME With > 40 Years Riding Experience
  • Recipient Of NJ Hall Of Fame “Inventor Of The Year” Award
  • All Necessary Parts Included
  • All Components Suitable For Wet Conditions And High Temps
  • Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum And Stainless Fasteners
  • Designed To Industrial Standards
  • Includes Complete Installation And Operation Instructions
Feather Lever Hydraulic Clutch for Harley

Where can you get Feather Lever installed?

  • You can easily install yourself with basic tools in a around 3 hours. All necessary hardware to install is included with purchase. 
  • Any motorcycle shop capable of simple bolt on upgrades. 
Where to get feather lever installed

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