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  • Works Like A Stock Clutch
  • 80% Pull In Reduction
  • 94% Hold In Reduction
  • Provides Full Release
  • Increases Friction Zone
  • Engagement Closer to Grip
  • Kit Is Complete – Nothing Else To Buy
  • Works On Any Bike With Hydraulic Clutch

What are the benefits of Feather Lever?

  • Greatest Reduction Of Effort
  • Wide Friction Zone For Gradual Clutch Engagement
  • Better Control At Low Speeds
  • Especially In Stop And Go Traffic
  • Engagement Closer To Grip
  • Avoid Cramping
  • Excellent For Arthritic, Handicapped, Carpal Tunnel, Or Weak Grip
  • More Enjoyable Rides
Feather Lever Installed on Harley

What are the advantages Feather Lever has over its competitors?

  • More Than Twice The Force Reduction Of Alternatives
  • Easy Bolt-on
  • DIY With Ordinary Hand Tools
  • No Drilling Or Modifications To Clutch or Engine
  • All Components CNC Machined For Tightest Quality Control 6 Reliable
  • Complete With All Necessary Parts
  • No Disassembly Of Primary Chain Or Clutch
  • No Replacement Of Clutch Slave Cylinder
  • No Clutch Slave Cylinder Modification
  • No Electronics
Feather Lever Side View Installed

What are the main features of Feather Lever?

  • Made In The USA
  • Matches Harley Design/Appearance Concept
  • Looks Like It Belongs There
  • Beautiful Fit And Finish
  • Engineered By An American BSME With > 40 Years Riding Experience
  • Recipient Of NJ Hall Of Fame “Inventor Of The Year” Award
  • All Necessary Parts Included
  • All Components Suitable For Wet Conditions And High Temps
  • Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum And Stainless Fasteners
  • Designed To Industrial Standards
  • Includes Complete Installation And Operation Instructions
Feather Lever Hydraulic Clutch for Harley

Where can you get Feather Lever installed?

  • You can easily install yourself with basic tools in a around 3 hours. All necessary hardware to install is included with purchase. 
  • Any motorcycle shop capable of simple bolt on upgrades. 
Where to get feather lever installed

How much oil does it use?

  • Only a tiny amount of oil (0.6 ounces) is used to move the cylinder in MEC as the clutch lever is pulled in.
  • No oil flows when the lever is in fixed position, whether in to out or in between.

Any issues with lowered oil pressure?

  • No, because only 0.6 ounces of oil used when the lever is pulled in, and about 0.4 when it is let out.  Any time the lever is stationary, it uses no oil.

Any issues with oil sumping?

  • No, for the reason above, and the oil used is returned directly to the sump.

Any problems with heat?

  • No.  Everything is designed for the high temperatures expected.

Is it adjustable or set at 1.5 pounds?

  • All the force measurements are taken where the forefinger contacts the level.  Without the Feather Lever, that’s about 25 pounds.  1.5 pounds is the highest reduction of any alternative, at 94% when the lever is stationary.   It’s the minimum required to shift the master cylinder against its spring plus the Feather Lever’s valve against its spring.  The effort to pull the lever in is about 5 pounds as it is moving, for a 80% reduction.  It is set by the geometry of the design, so it is not adjustable.

Do you offer an all black model?

  • Yes, at an additional cost of $87.50 by special order.  The visible surfaces of the chrome manifold are powder coated black.  Once professional photographs are taken, it will be added to the website.  Meanwhile, I’ve attached two pictures I took of an MEC-300.

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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page