From Kent in California:  Thanks for the tip regarding the pulled in lever. Ever since you demonstrated it in my garage I have been utilizing it beneficially at a signal vs going to neutral. Those that know the Feather Lever is on my bike, I’ll tell them once the lever is pulled in,  it only requires small retention of the pinky finger!  I enjoyed meeting you too.

From Dean in Florida
“Thank you John for all your support.  You have a very well engineered and manufactured product, first class!!”

From Ron in Florida
“I  have now had the Feather Lever installed for over a year and it is still working great under a variety of conditions and it has never missed a beat.”

> 2023 Ron from Florida:

> I have a 2006 Dyna Wideglide performance bike with a Barnett clutch that pulls much harder than a stock unit.  For years, forearm fatigue has been a limiting factor in how far & hard I can ride.  Recently, the tendon in my left arm got so sore that I had to do something, so I looked at Google for options & found the Feather Lever. I had never heard of this before but after looking into it, I decided to give it a try.
> As my bike came with a cable clutch, I needed to first convert it to a hydraulic clutch by replacing the hand lever & the transmission cover with a master cylinder handle & slave cylinder transmission cover.  John Mickowski provided the guidance I needed along with the installation kit & MEC300 unit I needed.  A friend helped me with the conversion & install & with guidance & assistance from John, we got through the air bleeding process & completed the conversion. The factory support has been phenomenal & help is available for any issue that comes up.
> After some 300 miles, I am quite impressed with how well it works even with the hi-performance clutch & the pain reduction in my arm. Although it takes some getting used to, it does everything claimed on the website & is an extreme improvement! I wish I would have had this years ago as it is a great improvement to the riding experience.  I would recommend this for anyone having difficulty with pulling the clutch lever or arm fatigue.
> Ron  
November 28, 2022  From Ed in Fort Myers
“The bike is still running great.  That was a good idea you had.  The clutch is like a feather.”
June 20, 2022  – John from Wichita an 82nd Airborne Veteran, reports that the MEC-400 is doing exactly what he wanted for his TriGlide and has ordered one for his mother.  She rides a 2014 TriGllide at age 84!
“Thank you for all the continued support! Look forward to doing a few more of these in the future.” – Cody at MotoZone, an authorized dealer/installer in Las Vegas, NV
Ed from Estero, Florida, trike biker wrote “Hey big John, clutch is working great!  Everything’s going good.  No problem.  Getting ready to head north in another couple of weeks.  About 1200 miles on it.”
“December, 2021, Jose in Puerto Rico: My wife and I have been riding together for a long time. Recently she traded up to a trike, but found the clutch lever was too difficult. I bought an MEC-400 and she is delighted with it. Not only is the engagement point much closer to the grip where the MECD-400 power clutch provides precise control, but the effort is so much less, she says “It is like nothing is there”. During his one week vacation, the Feather Lever’s inventor, John Mickowski, even took time out to stop by and assist with the installation!
“My name is Henry J. , I’m 65  years old and this is my Feather Lever story.
The first of this year I bought a 2012 Street Glide CVO. This is my first bike with a hydraulic clutch. The first time I was caught in long periods of  stop and go traffic almost brought me to tears. Having just had wrist surgery it was almost unbearable. A friend told me about Feather Lever. I watched the video and ordered right away. I decided to install myself. Straight forward instructions came with the unit. The quality and workmanship of the MEC-400 was beyond expectation. I had some issues with bleeding the system. I called the company and John Mickowski  (the inventor) quickly returned my call. We worked through the issues quickly. WOW what customer service! I now have a little over 500 miles of easy clutch riding. I can easily pull the clutch in with 2 fingers.” – Henry J. Dunn, North Carolina
From biker’s son in California riding a trike with Baker Reverse gear:
“He’s really happy with your assist unit.  It’s going to get him back on his bike.”
“So I got the system bled and all is AOK. I think Harley Davidson should come with the MEC. It’s great! I know you built the MEC for you to use and thank you for sharing your invention with the world.”
“I plan on riding my 2014 Ultra from Florida to Alaska and all the way down into South America.  I was looking for something to make using the clutch easier with more control, and when I saw what the MEC-400 Feather Lever could do, I had to have it!  It’s the total solution.
Like power steering and power brakes, the MEC-400 converts the manual clutch to a power clutch.  I’m very happy with the power and control it provides like nothing else on the market.
I look forward to thousands of miles of enjoyable riding under all conditions.  These include in traffic and low speed turns, where the Feather Lever’s closer to the grip engagement point and gradual friction zone provide precise control.
I opted for factory installation and am very pleased with the results.” – Luis from Lima, Peru

“The MEC-400 Feather Lever installed on my Ultra Limited makes riding a pleasure instead of difficult and painful. The claims made are all true! The design and engineering are totally professional and it looks like it belongs there. It’s not only effortless, the engagement point closer to the grip and wide friction zone makes it easier to control and safer at low speeds.” – Larry Burse

“I recently bought a beautiful 2019 Harley Freewheeler trike.  Unfortunately, in a short time, I found the strain of gripping the clutch way too hard to make riding fun.  I am amazed how easy it is now with the Feather Lever power clutch.  Instead of 20-25 pounds pull, I can hold the lever in with a finger at just 1-1/2 pounds!
I had asked a biker friend to help me find a solution.  He is also a skilled mechanic, and I trusted his advice.  He researched the alternatives, and recommended the Feather Lever.  I am delighted he did.  I would recommend it to anyone that wants the best product out there to minimize strain, prevent cramps, have a wide friction zone closer to the grip for better control, or just wants a better riding experience.
– Missy from Hampton, VA Retired Naval Officer

“The MEC-300 system is working well on my 1997 Evo. Mine is a conversion from a cable clutch to hydraulic and I have a stronger clutch set on the bike. I do believe that it works better with the later model motorcycles. The older Evo engines just don’t produce enough oil pressure and flow at idle to maximize performance, but it works fine once I get the revs up. I have gotten used to it and it definitely is easier to hold the clutch in when I am in traffic and that is great. I just have to pull it in slowly. Clutch release is good and neutral easy to find. All in all it does do it’s job and I am happy with it.” – Mike from Florida